3 Tips for Solar Panel Replacement

Solar Panel ReplacementA properly installed and well-maintained solar panel lasts for about 25 years. Ideally, you probably won’t be needing solar panel replacement at this point. However, there are cases when a panel gets damaged or is no longer efficient so getting new ones would be necessary.

If you already have a solar panel system in your property, you must have learned by now how to properly maintain so that it would remain efficient and functional. If not, better ask your solar contractor for recommendations so you won’t have to deal with bigger problems in the future. Even better, schedule at least once-a-year visits from your contractor so they can take a look at your panels themselves. Expert assistance is always most recommended.

In the event that you simply have no choice and you know for sure that your solar panels need replacement, here are tips you can keep in mind.

1. Check with your solar contractor to see whether the damage is covered by warranty.

More often than not, solar panel installations come with warranty coverage for a certain number of years. Of course, terms and conditions apply. Best if you would check on your panels’ warranty so that you can take advantage of any savings you can get from it.

2. Find out whether the problem can still be fixed.

Business is business, so some contractors would recommend replacement even if the panels can be fixed. So you better call an honest and reliable solar contractor who’s an expert in solar panel repair. If the problem can be fixed then replacement may no longer be necessary.

3. Call an expert for solar panel replacement.

Because of the costs attributed to getting solar panels replaced, some property owners opt to call their local handyman instead. Some would even DIY replacements. Truth be told, you might end up spending more if solar panels are improperly installed. You can’t even be sure of its efficiency without an expert taking a look at it. To make sure that you’re getting the most out of your new solar panels, call an expert.

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