Why Solar Garden Lights Are Ideal For Your Home

Why Solar Garden Lights Are Ideal For Your Home

Solar garden lights are fast becoming popular among homeowners these days. Aside from being very pretty outdoor features for practically any landscaped yard or garden, they are also energy efficient. There’s truly no reason for you to skip this wonderful solar product the next time you go shopping for your garden features. 

If you haven’t been using solar products for your home yet, then you’re missing out on a lot. Although most of us think of large roof solar panels when people say solar power, it’s good to know that there are plenty of cheap solar products out there that you can start with when you’re on a tight budget and you’re thinking that a full solar panel installation would be too much on your household’s expenses if you’re installing that now. 

Where to Buy Solar Garden Lights

One of those affordable solar products you can start with is garden lights. They are usually available from home improvement stores and even online stores that sell solar products or lighting products. In fact, these are so common nowadays and you won’t have a hard time finding a few good designs to choose from if you’re looking for solar garden lights that would match your home’s landscape. 

Advantage of Solar Lights for Your Garden

The best advantage of lighting up your garden is to provide security. Sure, they look really pretty especially at night, but it is very good to have these as added security. Burglars would think twice about entering a well-lit home compared to a dark one. Another great advantage of solar lights for the garden would be their energy-efficiency. These will not cost anything at all when it comes to power consumption as it is charged by the sun during the daytime! So it’s definitely a good investment for your home. 

Why Are Solar Pool Heaters Better Than Other Heater Types?

solar pool heaterThere are three kinds of pool heaters that you may come across in the market – gas pool heaters, electric pool heaters, and solar pool heaters. The latter is the best option among the others for it is environmental and pocket-friendly.

With solar pool heaters, you will not have to spend skyrocket high money on fueling. Besides, you can have all the perks of installing a solar pool heater. They are, in fact, the only heating system that requires minimum or least maintenance. With solar pool heaters, you can have warm pool water throughout the season.

Is Solar Power Really Environment Friendly?

solar powerA lot of people already know very well that solar power is a great alternative to traditional power sources because of the many benefits it offers. Though it can be quite pricey to install in the beginning and the materials are costly too, solar power is still a great investment because eventually, you will be saving so much on energy costs that you will get the return of your investment in no time. But is solar power really environment friendly? Yes, it is!

It is quite amusing that some people would claim that solar power isn’t that friendly to the environment anyway because of all the work required to build the materials and equipment for a full solar panel system. They need to be transported, installed, and so on. These will just add to your carbon footprint instead of reducing it as solar power supposedly promises.

For example, for solar electric installations you must not only purchase and transport the solar panels, but also all of the equipment required to process and install the system. So whether it is a 10 KW system, or a 50 KW solar system, there is a lot of required equipment for each type of project. It requires a full team of installers and experts to perform the installation, as well as an experienced group of professionals to test and get the system operational. Wayne’s Solar on the east coast of Florida has professional installers. Additionally, waynesolar.com has pool products and other accessories in the energy efficiency area.

How Does Solar Air Heater Work?

solar air heaterSolar air heater uses solar thermal technology in which the solar energy is captured to restore as a utility to heat air. Several American families have updated their homes with the technology to reduce carbon footprints, maintain heat without using the traditional electricity, and save on utility bills.

When looking for cheap solar products, you might come across this. A solar air heater is mounted on the exterior of the house wall to capture the sunlight to heat air. The technology works even when it is cloudy outside as long as there is some sunlight. Although the solar air heater works on its own, it does rely on the existing primary heating system to keep the house warm in the winter season.

A house equipped with a solar air heater can save as much as 30% of electricity bills. The solar panel system is a bit of an expensive investment. It takes decades to recoup the investment. However, you can recover on your solar air heater investment within three to six years of installation. You can even save more by installing the solar air heater by yourself. Solar air collector plates can be bought from the market. There are two types of solar air collector plates – passive direct gain and active direct gain. Passive direct gain plates are most suitable for houses with limited sun exposure. And active direct gain plates are ideal for homes that get direct sunlight.

The passive solar collector is mounted vertically with the outlet at the top and inlet at the bottom. Any change in the temperature pushes the air to suction at the bottom and heats up as it rises. The passive solar collector does not require fans to circulate the air. On the other hand, the active solar collector has moving parts or fans that circulate air through it. Active solar collectors are typically successful in a bigger space.

Solar Attic Fans vs. Electric Attic Fans

electric attic fanInstalling an attic fan is the best thing you can do to make the entire house cooler. But, have to decide on what type of attic fan – solar attic fans or the electric ones. Solar energy is a great way of reducing electricity bills and having a solar attic fan, and you can be assured of a cooler home with no added electricity bills. But, electric attic fans have certain advantages too. Let us try and understand which type of fan is most suitable for the attic.

Electric Attic Fans

An electric attic fan is cheaper as compared to a solar attic fan. As an electric fan relies on the utility, you can expect uninterrupted attic cooling except during power outages, of course. But, an electric attic fan is not an eco-friendly option. Besides, you will have to extra utility bill for using the electric attic fans as compared to the solar attic fan, which uses solar light that is free for all. Electric attic fans are easy to install and operate.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans are expensive as compared to the electric attic fans. Its installation may cost more as well. But, it exhausts the hot air from the attic for free as the sunlight powers it. Solar attic fans do not add to electricity bills for they don’t run on electricity. The solar attic fans are an environmentally-friendly product. But, it is essential to note that the solar attic fans won’t work if there is no direct sunlight. The attic fans will stop operating whenever sunlight is blocked by whatsoever reason. Unless it is connected to a solar battery, which is sold and installed separately, then it will stop working at night. 

Truth be told, many homeowners are now using solar attic fans for their homes despite the price because it’s a great investment that pays for itself through years of use. If you decide to get one, you simply have to reach out to your preferred solar contractor. Do not attempt to install it on your own as you may end up damaging your roof, which is, of course, a more expensive problem.