Cheap Solar Products

cheap solar productsMany are under the impression that solar panels are always very expensive. And so even if many of us want to start using solar power for our home, we push it back for the meantime while budget is tight. Pushing it back for later can also mean delaying the possible savings and environmentally-friendly use of power for our household. So are there even any cheap solar products you can start with? Definitely!

First of all, solar panel installations for homes – whether you’re getting a full on solar PV system, solar water heater or solar pool heater – can get quite pricey but you can always look into your financing options. Many financing institutions including banks offer loans for people to use for solar panel installation. These institutions also believe that solar is a great investment and that it is able to pay for itself over the years so they are more than willing to help. This does not even include the possible tax credits and incentives you can get from using solar power!

When on a tight budget and you believe that you cannot start with a full solar PV installation yet, you can start with some of these cheap solar products:

1. Solar Lights: Many of these are sold on the market – very easy to install and start using. You can use these outdoor lights at no cost at all except for when you buy them initially.

2. Solar Attic Fan: Though installation can be a little pricey, and we highly recommend getting professional assistance so as not to damage your roof, the actual solar attic fan is quite affordable.

3. Solar Batteries: They come in the form of power banks or something similar that you can use in case of emergencies – as a backup power source during outages.

Ask your solar contractor if you want to learn more about cheap solar products you can start with.