How Does Solar Air Heater Work?

solar air heaterSolar air heater uses solar thermal technology in which the solar energy is captured to restore as a utility to heat air. Several American families have updated their homes with the technology to reduce carbon footprints, maintain heat without using the traditional electricity, and save on utility bills.

When looking for cheap solar products, you might come across this. A solar air heater is mounted on the exterior of the house wall to capture the sunlight to heat air. The technology works even when it is cloudy outside as long as there is some sunlight. Although the solar air heater works on its own, it does rely on the existing primary heating system to keep the house warm in the winter season.

A house equipped with a solar air heater can save as much as 30% of electricity bills. The solar panel system is a bit of an expensive investment. It takes decades to recoup the investment. However, you can recover on your solar air heater investment within three to six years of installation. You can even save more by installing the solar air heater by yourself. Solar air collector plates can be bought from the market. There are two types of solar air collector plates – passive direct gain and active direct gain. Passive direct gain plates are most suitable for houses with limited sun exposure. And active direct gain plates are ideal for homes that get direct sunlight.

The passive solar collector is mounted vertically with the outlet at the top and inlet at the bottom. Any change in the temperature pushes the air to suction at the bottom and heats up as it rises. The passive solar collector does not require fans to circulate the air. On the other hand, the active solar collector has moving parts or fans that circulate air through it. Active solar collectors are typically successful in a bigger space.