Selecting a Solar Contractor

Selecting Solar Contractor

The popularity of solar power has exploded tremendously owing to growing environmental issues like global warming. The popularity of solar power has also helped open more employment opportunities for solar engineers. Today, there are many companies offering solar installation services.

The solar power system is an expensive project. It calls for careful handling as a wrong or loose installation may affect its working drastically. As you move a step ahead in saving the environment and of course reducing electricity bills it becomes important to find the right solar contractor. 

There are many solar contractors in the market to select from. However, the selection process is not really easy. There are certain parameters that should be considered while hiring a solar contractor.

  1. NABCEP Certified: A company offering solar installation services should be a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified. A company is required to pass a written test and should have gone through proper training.
  2. Online Reputation: A reliable solar contractor will have a good online reputation. These days almost every company has a registered website. Moreover, there are certain websites that allow people to share their experiences and write a feedback for the services availed. Looking up for reviews and feedback from particular solar contractor can help you make a wise decision.
  3. Warranty: A most reliable company will always provide warranty for solar panels installed. Warranty is just one of many ways to win the trust of the customers. Some company provides 25 years of warranty to their customers.
  4. Equipment: the solar contractor should be fully-equipped for solar panel installation. He/she should have all the required tools to install a solar system at your house.

It is not really difficult to find a right solar contractor for your solar project. However, keeping the aforementioned points in mind can help you find the most reliable contractor.

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