Solar Attic Fan Installation

Solar Attic FanClimate change is happening for real. We are all experiencing extreme weather conditions on a yearly basis. Winters are much colder and summers are much hotter. Certain adjustments must be done across the household to ensure that you remain comfortable no matter the season. A solar attic fan installation is an absolute necessity if you want your home to be energy efficient. It also adds to the overall comfort of your home.

Attic fans manage to keep your attic area’s temperature in control. It acts as an effective ventilation so that hot air or cold air may be exhausted when needed. Over the years, many homeowners trust that attic fans actually work. While some doubt it, it is safe to assume that it does work because many people continue to use it.

But these features aren’t perfect. Some say that attic fans are not as effective during the winter, but only beneficial during hot summer days. When hot air is kept out of the attic, the rest of your home won’t feel as warm. You wouldn’t have to use your air-conditioner much, which of course, significantly reduces your energy bill.

There are electric attic fans and they work just as well as solar attic fans. In fact, they share the same functions. Solar attic fans have extra benefits compared to traditional attic fans, which include:

1. Free energy – You are not paying for the energy consumed by your solar attic fan as it uses solar power, which comes from the sun.

2. Silent operation – While traditional attic fans can be quite noisy, most solar attic fans offer silent operation. You won’t even notice that it’s there as it doesn’t make any noise!

3. Convenient – Attic fans normally use thermostats to automatically turn on or off. Some have switches too so you can manually switch it on/off. Because you don’t even have to worry about wasted power when you’re using solar attic fans, you don’t have to switch it on or off anymore. Most models function automatically.

If you’re planning to get a solar attic fan installed in your home, you must reach out to a solar contractor. This is a job done best by solar contractors as they have the proper set of equipment and the right knowledge needed.

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