Solar Attic Fans vs. Electric Attic Fans

electric attic fanInstalling an attic fan is the best thing you can do to make the entire house cooler. But, have to decide on what type of attic fan – solar attic fans or the electric ones. Solar energy is a great way of reducing electricity bills and having a solar attic fan, and you can be assured of a cooler home with no added electricity bills. But, electric attic fans have certain advantages too. Let us try and understand which type of fan is most suitable for the attic.

Electric Attic Fans

An electric attic fan is cheaper as compared to a solar attic fan. As an electric fan relies on the utility, you can expect uninterrupted attic cooling except during power outages, of course. But, an electric attic fan is not an eco-friendly option. Besides, you will have to extra utility bill for using the electric attic fans as compared to the solar attic fan, which uses solar light that is free for all. Electric attic fans are easy to install and operate.

Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans are expensive as compared to the electric attic fans. Its installation may cost more as well. But, it exhausts the hot air from the attic for free as the sunlight powers it. Solar attic fans do not add to electricity bills for they don’t run on electricity. The solar attic fans are an environmentally-friendly product. But, it is essential to note that the solar attic fans won’t work if there is no direct sunlight. The attic fans will stop operating whenever sunlight is blocked by whatsoever reason. Unless it is connected to a solar battery, which is sold and installed separately, then it will stop working at night. 

Truth be told, many homeowners are now using solar attic fans for their homes despite the price because it’s a great investment that pays for itself through years of use. If you decide to get one, you simply have to reach out to your preferred solar contractor. Do not attempt to install it on your own as you may end up damaging your roof, which is, of course, a more expensive problem.