Solar Battery Backup

Solar Battery BackupWill solar panels work during a power outage? This is one of the most common questions of property owners who are planning on switching to solar energy. This is also a very common misconception because some people are under the impression that solar panels would automatically be able to store energy, hence the ability to provide power during blackouts. However, it is very important for you to know that to be able to do this, you need a solar battery backup system.

When you’re getting solar panels installed, make sure you speak with your solar contractor about backing up your solar panels with sufficient batteries. This will, of course, incur additional expenses but it’s very much worth it especially if your area frequently experiences power outages.

Depending on the size or capacity of your solar battery backup, you can get hours’ or even days’ worth of power. This power also came from the sun through your solar panels. However, without a battery system, the panels have nowhere to store the energy it gets continually throughout the day. Especially if you have plenty of solar panels installed on your property, and you’re not using the power all day long, then there’s much you can store on a solar battery backup.

This is also one of the best reasons you should work with a solar contractor. A solar battery backup must be very efficient so that you can find it reliable when you need it the most. It must go through maintenance procedures as well, perhaps every few years or so, or as recommended by your contractor.

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