Solar Panels and Power Outages

Solar PanelsAmong the most common questions asked by property owners who are considering having solar panels installed is whether their solar energy source would work should there be any power outages. The short answer to this could be both yes and no. Solar panels rely on the power of the sun to produce energy for your appliances for your home, and of course, sunlight never runs out. However, without a battery backup source, you won’t be able to store the solar energy within your solar panels.

A solar battery backup is a piece of solar equipment that you can order from your contractor. It will be connected to your solar panel installation system in your property so whatever solar power generated would be stored into the battery backup. That power may be enough to last for hours or even days during a power outage depending on how large the power storage system you have on the battery backup. Furthermore, it would also depend on how much power you consume in your household using solar energy.

It is also important for you to remember that unless you’ve switched to solar power completely as an energy source for all your appliances at home, not all of your electrical items may end up working during a power outage. If you do consider switching everything to solar and your battery backup is large enough to store a lot of solar power, then you can be rest assured that you won’t have any worries during power outages.

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