Solar Pool Heating Maintenance Tips

You probably have one of the best solar pool heaters. Having an efficient solar pool heater is not enough you also Solar Pool Heatingneed to have complete information on how to best maintain it. Here is a short guide to help you maintain the efficiency of solar pool heaters.

Calling the professionals for regular maintenance is definitely a great way to keep your solar pool heater effective. However, a regular surveillance of the heater by you can further keep it effective for the years to come. You can help maintain the effectiveness of the solar pool heaters by checking on the following:

1. Heat Pump Settings: Check the heat pump to ensure its efficiency to transfer heat to the water. Re-calibrate the settings if required.

2. Temperature Gauge: The temperature gauge measures the temperature of the water. It also helps to maintain the temperature. If the temperature of the pool water is hotter than what you actually set it for, you probably need to call experts.

3. Solar Panels: The solar water heaters draw energy from the solar panels. So, when it comes to taking care of solar pool heaters you need to check the solar panels as well. Check for any crack or debris accumulating on the panels preventing it from trapping the sunlight. In case the panels are damaged call experts to get them repaired.

4. Water Flow Valves: The valves set the flow of the water in the solar water heater and to the pool. The valves should be working properly to ensure smooth flow of warm water in the pool.

5. Flush Test: Make sure the piping of the solar water heater is free from any blockage or chemical accumulation by a flush test.

These are a few ways to better take care of your solar pool heaters. In case you face any difficulty you can always call professionals for help.

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