Advantages of Choosing Solar Powered Attic Fans

Solar Powered attic fansSolar powered attic fans have become extremely popular among property owners lately. Firstly, attic fans are necessities in most households where it’s warm most of the year. The very purpose of attic fans is to keep the temperature down in the entire house. It also provides much-needed ventilation and prevents moisture in the attic.

However, with rising energy costs and awareness on the beauty of green energy, many are switching to solar. And so traditional attic fans are now being replaced with solar powered attic fans. When you’re still in doubt or if you’re skeptical about how good this product really is, then you must know more about the advantages of choosing solar powered attic fans. This will help you make a more informed decision.

Why Should You Choose Solar Powered Attic Fans?

1. Free energy – Because it uses solar energy, which comes from the sun, solar powered attic fans are free to operate. You can leave it on all day and it won’t affect your energy bill.

2. Roof protection – Roofs are so expensive to repair and replace. It’s just right for you to find ways to protect it and keep it in perfect shape over the years. Attic fans are helpful in preventing damage caused by heat and excessive moisture on the roof. It keeps heat out during the summer and prevents winter ice dams that build up on roofs.

3. Quick and easy installation – With expert assistance, a solar powered attic fan would be ready for use in just a couple of hours after installation.

4. Possible tax incentives – Speak with your local solar contractor on how they can help you file for tax incentives or rebates for using a solar product.

5. Silent operation – Regular attic fans can be very noisy at times. Solar attic fans are just as efficient and it remains remarkably quiet at the same time.

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