Solar Water Heating System for Swimming Pool

Solar Pool HeaterSolar pool heaters are now easily available and a great substitute for electric pool water heating. As you already know by know, using traditional electricity in pool heating costs a lot of money and may also cause significant harm to our environment. Placing a solar pool heater is the best thing that you can do to save on electricity and in keeping pool water warmer in winter. But buying one can be a tough task as several factors are there that should be considered, such as:

1. Type and Size: Identify the type of swimming pool you have such as if it’s a concrete pool or fiberglass pool. Concrete is a cold material and a swimming pool may require more energy to heat up the water as compared to a fiberglass pool that prevents heat from escaping. Size is yet another important factor to consider. A large-sized pool requires more energy to keep the water warm.

2. Climate and Average Temperature: People living in warm areas may also need a pool heater as the water of the pool may cool down overnight. Buying a pool heater considering the climate is also important.

3. Pool Usage: How you will be using the pool is yet another important factor to consider. Will it be used by children and elders alike? And how often it will be used? If the pool is intended to be used by children for recreational and hydrotherapy then it is crucial to keep the water warm.
Solar pool heaters are the most cost-effective heating device for the pool.

Solar pool heaters operate through a pump that circulates the water to a panel where the water is warmed by solar energy. The pump uses about 0.7kW energy generated by the solar cells. The solar pumps generally have the capacity to warm 150 liters of water per minute.

And one of the very best ways to heat your pool is a heat pump. The don’t work well for large pools, but work great for small pools. And heat pumps are also good because they work very quickly, and will heat your pool in no time!

Reach out to your local solar contractor to learn more about your solar pool heating options.

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