Why Are Solar Pool Heaters Better Than Other Heater Types?

solar pool heaterThere are three kinds of pool heaters that you may come across in the market – gas pool heaters, electric pool heaters, and solar pool heaters. The latter is the best option among the others for it is environmental and pocket-friendly.

With solar pool heaters, you will not have to spend skyrocket high money on fueling. Besides, you can have all the perks of installing a solar pool heater. They are, in fact, the only heating system that requires minimum or least maintenance. With solar pool heaters, you can have warm pool water throughout the season.

Though the equipment and installation may sometimes be more expensive compared to other heater types, you can always look into solar financing options

However, before buying a solar pool heater, it is vital to consider a few things:

  • Geographic location: The pool area or the place where you plan to install the solar pool heater should have adequate exposure to the sunlight.
  • Size of the Pool: The size of the pool will have a direct impact on the effectiveness of the solar pool heater. For instance, a bigger sized pool may need a large capacity solar pool heater. Therefore, when buying the pool heater, do consider the size of the pool.
  • Type of the Pool: Solar pool heaters work effectively to all kinds of pools i.e., in-ground and above-ground. Still, do consider the type of pool while buying a pool heater. Ask the retailer to provide you a solar pool heater for your type of pool.
  • Space for Installation: The solar pool heater may need some extra space for installation as compared to gas and electric pool heaters. Consider the area where you would like to have the solar panels installed.

Solar pool heaters are a convenient mode of keeping the pool water warm. Contact a licensed contractor to know more about the type of solar pool heating system you may need for your swimming pool.